Why choose Glamino as the right choice for monetizing your content? And what are the benefits?

Vanessa 18.01.2024

Want to monetise your content but your social media accounts are constantly blocked for racy photos? That won't happen to you on Glamino! 🀩

What do you find out in this article? 

  • Why is your social media profile blocked?
  • How can I avoid having my account blocked on these platforms?
  • Why choose Glamino? And what are the advantages?

Why is your social media profile blocked?

Social networks - such as Instagram and TikTok - have rules and policies that protect the community from inappropriate content and ensure a safe environment for all users, including minors. Selling nude photos can be a violation of these rules and can lead to your profile being blocked. These platforms are designed to encourage creation, sharing and interaction, but not for the commercial purpose of selling intimate photos. If you attempt to use the Services for commercial purposes, you are in violation of the Terms of Use and risk having your account blocked or deleted.

Even using words like "I sell photos" in your BIO or profile description can be considered a violation of the rules and can put you at risk of having your account blocked. Or you may be at risk of a shadowban, which means, for example, that your profile will not be fully blocked, you may continue to publish new posts, but only a very limited number of users will see them.

How can I avoid having my account blocked on these platforms?

In order to avoid having your profile blocked on social networks such as the aforementioned Instagram or TikTok, it is important to follow their rules and we recommend using platforms that are explicitly for adults to sell intimate photos. This way, they provide a safe environment for this type of content and give you the immaculateness as well. If you want to continue to use Instagram or similar platforms where this content is prohibited, we recommend avoiding explicit words or language that could be perceived as unethical selling of content. Try to use the platform only as a means to promote your content and refer your followers to other, dedicated platforms where you can freely share your intimate photos.

Why choose Glamino? And what are the advantages?

Glamino is the ideal platform for selling intimate content. It focuses on providing a safe and confidential environment for you as a content creator to interact with your community and share your content without fear of breaking the rules or being harassed. One of the key features that makes Glamino attractive is the transparency of pricing - content creators can set their own prices and earn 100% of the sales of their content. 

In addition, Glamino has an active and helpful support team that is always ready to help or advise. This support will provide you with a reliable background that will allow you to grow and thrive within the platform, regardless of the nature of their content. Glamino also offers various options for promotion on the platforms without fear of possible blockage. This opens up new opportunities for you to expand your audience and successfully build your community.

What benefits will Glamino bring you? 

  • What are the benefits of Glamino? 

  • 100% of the price set by you

  • Glamino friendly support

  • Opportunity to create your own community

  • Verified account

  • Secure platform

  • Glamino promotion - also on other platforms

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Vanessa 18.01.2024

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