xfree news - Get a Reward for Every Uploaded Gallery


xfree comes with great news! You can not only get rewards but also free traffic, want to know more? Then read on ! 👀

What do you learn in this article? 

  • What is xfree.com
  • How uploading photos to xfree.com works
  • What is the reward and how do you get it

What is xfree.com? 

Do you want to become a star in the world of adult? Then xfree.com is for you! With just a few clicks, you simply create your account, upload your best videos and link them to where fans can purchase sequels of this extra spicy content (for example, on your Glamino profile), and then just sit back and watch your traffic grow. ✨ Sound too good? Giiiirl...this is just the beginning. 😜

xfree.com has added a new option for its verified users - uploading not only videos, but also photos. And you get paid for both. How, you ask? We've got all the important information for you right here, but anyway, if you'd like to know more about xfree.com, check out our older article xfree.com: the new fresh platform for adults. 🙌

How uploading photos to xfree.com works?

Uploading is so easy that anyone can do it. The first and most important step is to have a verified account on xfree.com. ✅ Users who are not verified cannot upload their photos. If you already have a verified account, then simply click the Upload button and upload your sexy selfies, beach photos, tempting nudes - in short, images that your fans will love. 🔥

The minimum number of photos you can upload at one time is 2 and the maximum number is 20. For example, if you upload 2 photos at one time, 1 gallery will be created on your profile. For example, if you upload 10 photos at a time, 1 gallery will also be created. There is no limit to the number of galleries on your profile. Don't forget that you can also add music, tags and of course a link to your Glamino where fans can see and buy more.

Photos on xfree.com are a great opportunity for you to get your name out there and give your Glamino account some serious promotion. This new feature opens the door to a wider audience and you'll make some extra money! Win-win! 🤑

What is the reward and how do you get it? 

For every gallery you create on your xfree.com profile, $1 will be credited to your xfree.com account! 💸 However, the condition is that the gallery must be approved by the admins, so be really careful when choosing and try to upload only the best of the best photos. 😍 And be careful! If you upload photos that make most of your followers sit on their butts, your reward may be increased in the future - it will all depend on the quality of content you provide xfree.com with on a regular basis.

There's no limit on uploading galleries - if you upload say 1000 galleries to xfree.com and all are approved, then the $1000 reward is yours! Once your xfree.com account balance exceeds $100, you can request a payout and have the money sent to your bank account. The xfree.com support is just as reliable as Glamina's, so if there's anything you don't know, they'll be happy to help. 🙏🏼

You retain all copyrights to all content, in other words, when you share any content on the xfree. com platform, the ownership rights remain yours alone - in short, they respect copyright.

Are you in? We're absolutely thrilled with this news and look forward to seeing all the successful Glamino creators hitting the ground running in 2024. 💯🔥


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